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: Union Square Clock. Image Retrieved From: The New York Times

Student Makes Effort to Live Sustainably

  In late September, Metronome changed their Union Square time clock to something less traditional.  They decided on something more eco-conscious that would count down the time we have left before something detrimental happens to the earth. The ...


Dating During COVID

  During quarantine, the television network known as Freeform launched a new show called “Love in the Time of Corona”, which explores the dating culture during a global pandemic.  The question of dating during quarantine might have crossed the m...


Getting Involved on Campus During a Pandemic

In an interview with the director for the Center for Student Involvement Kristyn Russell, we discussed the future of student involvement, working with Guidebook and Diversity and Inclusion week.  Things are looking up for student involvement as c...


Diversity and Inclusion Week Takes Virtual Approach

  During the week of Sept. 21st-25th, Spring Hill College’s Center for Student Involvement put on Diversity and Inclusion Week. The Center for Student Involvement and the Diversity and Inclusion Week Committee planned a mixture of both socially-...