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: Black Panther Movie Poster

Black Panther Dominates 2018 and Box Office

The wait is finally over! “Black Panther” is now playing in a theater near you. After much anticipation, the Disney and Marvel Studios film was released Friday, Feb. 16. Over the course of the Presidents’ Day weekend, “Black Panther” was nothing s...


Flu Season Outbreaks Peak Above National Average

Spring Hill College has felt the effects of the flu in recent months. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, flu season usually happens in the fall and winter, peaking between December and February. Data from the CDC during t...


“Fortnite” Trends Among Video Gamers

An Epic Games’ video game is currently taking the gaming world by storm through its unique plot that actually lets gamers win. It’s called “Fortnite.” Based in a post-apocalyptic world, a giant storm has wiped out 98 percent of the population, le...


On the Spot: Bucket List

"I went skydiving!" -Sofi Diaz (senior) “Traveling a lot”- Kayley Anderson (freshman) “I conquered my fear of heights by riding a roller coaster”- Etienne Favorite (sophomore) “Going to college” – Tempel Viti (junior)  ...


Peace Corps Sparking Interest Among Students

Former Peace Corps volunteer, English professor Dr. Meg Smith, shared her experience about working as a rice volunteer in a farming village in Senegal, Africa. Smith is a professor at Spring Hill College with a Ph.D. in second language acquisitio...