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Student Athletes Lead Advisory Committee

: Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members.
Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members.


The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a group of student-athletes associated with the NCAA that aims to assist student-athletes.

According to, “the mission of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committees is to enhance the total student-athlete experience by promoting opportunity, protecting student-athlete welfare and fostering a positive student-athlete image.”

SAAC is relatively new to SHC and many students are working to re-establish the committee. Caroline Weisinger, a member of the Spring Hill College cross country and track teams, is a student representative on SAAC at SHC. Weisinger says “In SAAC, there are two representatives from each sports team, two people appointed by either the coach or team members. These two members work together with the other members and their respective sports teams to come up with solutions and scenarios in which can better the athletic department as a whole.”

The hope of SAAC at Spring Hill is for athletes to have an avenue “to voice their concerns, ideas, and thoughts to,” according to Weisinger. The members want to serve as an in-between for the athletes and the athletic department in order to have more streamlined and effective communication.

When asked why she joined SAAC, Weisinger said “I got involved in SAAC because I genuinely care for my team, for Spring Hill, and its image. We are such a spirited school and take pride in all that we do and so, why not try to help in advocating for not just a better school but a better athletic department as a whole. I can say the people I work alongside have such great ideas and such passion that it’s more of a question of why wouldn’t I want to get involved with SAAC? It is a great way to make a difference for the people you care about.”

SAAC serves as a forum for Spring Hill’s athletic teams to collaborate and share ideas while generating school spirit.

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