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Badgers Elect New SGA President and Vice President



On March 22nd, the Student Government Association announced the new President and Vice President. The President elect is Mary Grace Sullivan ’22 and the Vice President elect is Layne Carlson ‘22. 


Both Mary Grace and Layne are very eager to make some changes on the Hill. Some of the initiatives they have are improved transparency, safety, health and community. President Mary Grace states how they want more transparency between the administration and the students. “We plan on continuing cafeteria chats, sending out emails and reminding students about our open forum meetings to let them come and hear about our ideas. We want students to come to hear about our ideas, cater to their needs and know they can contribute to conversations,” Sullivan explained. 

Both Mary Grace and Layne want students to be involved in campus life. Vice President Layne stated how she wants to improve safety on campus. “We would really like to focus on safety such as sexual assault awareness, lighting on campus and whatever else the students feel are issues on campus.” The new presidential elects would also like to host self-defense classes and provide whistles or pepper spray for students to feel safer. 

They would also like to focus on health during their term by creating a website for making appointments at the wellness center and bringing back an on-campus nurse for students. Mary Grace and Layne both feel like this year has been hard to feel a sense of community here on campus since COVID-19. In order to return this sense of community back to students, they would like to reactivate the badger bus, hold more activities and programming and have a more efficient schedule for campus life. 

The new elects have been working very hard to solve the problems here on the Hill. So far, they have already gotten a start at making the campus brighter at night. They are both very excited and honored they were elected for these positions. Both Mary Grace and Layne stated that they want the students to feel safe, healthy and happy. For more information contact

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