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Campus Ministry to Hold Easter Vigil Mass

Kelly Dolph: St. Joseph's Chapel
St. Joseph's Chapel

With Easter approaching in just a few weeks, students on Spring Hill College’s campus are participating in the Lenten season. 

Chris Daffin, a work-study student for Campus Ministry, said, “Lent is a season of reflection and of prayer for the forty days before Easter.” Daffin explains that over the next couple of weeks, Campus Ministry will be hosting some events for students to get involved in the Lenten season. He stated that Campus Ministry will be holding time for confession and multiple Masses, including an Easter Vigil Mass. According to Daffin, Campus Ministry has not held an Easter Vigil Mass in quite a long time. To attend Easter Mass, students are required to reserve their spot by filling out a form in the back of St. Joseph’s Chapel or by contacting Campus Ministry. 

Jesuit priest, Father Christopher Viscardi, stated that even if students do not want to let go of something for forty days, they can still participate in Lent. He said, “Catholics might decide to go to the daily Mass at noon time once or twice a week. Those who are not Catholic might just do a little bit more scripture reading.” 

Senior Cecelia Dupepe thinks it is important for everyone to know that they do not have to be Catholic or even Christian to participate in Lent. Cecelia said, “I know people who grew up Christian and didn’t give anything up for Lent, but they do it now because it’s like a reset for their lives.” Spring Hill’s campus holds a daily Mass at 12:15 p.m., if you would like to attend during this Lenten season.

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