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Second Generation Badgers on Campus

Maddie Kurcab: From Left to Right: Michael Martin, Ellen Martin, Frannie Leonard, Liam Leonard
From Left to Right: Michael Martin, Ellen Martin, Frannie Leonard, Liam Leonard


Many students at Spring Hill College are carrying on a family tradition of attending the school after many generations before them. These families hold strong ties to Spring Hill College and take advantage of the opportunity to experience Jesuit learning.

Second generation students are classified as students whose parents or legal guardians have attended the same college or university as them. Many students who attend Spring Hill currently have had parents attend here in the past. Two families that have had parents attend Spring Hill are the Leonard’s and the Martin’s. Their mothers graduated here in 1988 and have been close friends ever since their freshman year of college. After their mothers graduated from the Hill, they continued to stay close. Their kids grew up together and eventually decided to follow in their mother’s footsteps. In 2017, Frannie Leonard and Ellen Martin came to Spring Hill together as roommates. They then decided to live together again in an apartment for their final year on the Hill. Three short years later in 2020, Liam Leonard and Michael Martin also decided to attend Spring Hill. Due to Covid-19 restrictions Liam and Michael were not able to room together unlike their older sisters. Though they were unable to receive the roommate experience, Liam and Michael did not let it affect their time as freshman at Spring Hill. 

These students were able to share many of the same experiences as their mothers did. Throughout their time here, they have shared some of the same professors as their mothers. Frannie, Ellen and Liam all had Father Viscardi as their theology professor just like their mothers did when they attended here. Father Viscardi remembered their mothers as soon as they told him their names. Ellen Martin stated,” I love talking to my mom about how our experiences are similar at Spring Hill because she did a lot of the same things that I have done. She had also been able to give me advice about Spring Hill that I would not have gotten if she didn’t go there.” Not only were these students able to receive the same Jesuit learning experience as their mothers, but some were also able to receive the same social experiences.  Frannie followed in her mother’s footsteps by joining Tri Delta. Frannie has been able to experience the same sorority atmosphere as her mother did. 

While these students were able to share some of the same experiences as their mothers did, they also are making their own memories here on the Hill. 

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