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: Student-Athlete Advisory Committee members.

Student Athletes Lead Advisory Committee

  The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee (SAAC) is a group of student-athletes associated with the NCAA that aims to assist student-athletes. According to, “the mission of the National Student-Athlete Advisory Committees is to enhance t...


International Students Association Launched at SHC

The International Students Association is the newest student organization on campus and was started by Zain Hernandez. It is an association for foreign students to share their different cultures, socialize with other foreign students, help each ot...


Spring Hill Alumnus Fights Period Poverty

Alumnus Aïko Pickering has created MOnthly, a charity organization that aims to reduce period poverty in the Mobile area by giving away period products to populations that need it. The latest action Pickering took to collect more period products ...


Badgers Elect New SGA President and Vice President

  On March 22nd, the Student Government Association announced the new President and Vice President. The President elect is Mary Grace Sullivan ’22 and the Vice President elect is Layne Carlson ‘22.    Both Mary Grace and Layne are very eager to...


Elefangan: Newest Non-Profit on Campus

  A Spring Hill College senior Asserehou Denis Agayi founded Elefangan, a non-profit association aiming to better the education of children in Ivory Coast, his native country, a few weeks ago. Asserehou Denis Agayi and his sister Angélique decid...