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Men's Soccer Team Searches for a New Head Coach

Andrew Jones : Juan Pablo
Juan Pablo "Juancho" Herrera on the field.


Spring Hill College is finishing the process of searching for a new head coach for the men’s soccer team after the departure of Head Coach Steve Wieczorek according to Deputy Athletic Director of internal Affairs Chad Leblanc.

This year the SHC men’s soccer team has faced several obstacles from the cancellation of its regular season to the resignation of the head coach this spring. According to Junior defender Hayden Franklin, “Head Coach Steve Wieczorek resigned two weeks prior to the Badgers’ game against their rival: West Florida. That same day two of the players tested positive for COVID which caused the team to be shut down for 10 days. This left the Badgers with no head coach heading into the big game.”  The search has to come to a close.“Interviews were completed last week and a decision on who we would like to offer the position has been made.We are now completing administrative requirements before the candidate can be officially hired and publicly announced,” stated Chad LeBlanc.

The team was affected during this time of not having a coach. Junior Goalkeeper Alessandro Erdelyi said, “It’s not great because having a coach is important to being a successful team. It is important to have a leader and someone you want to follow. Not having a coach can lead people to feel less motivated since they haven’t had a competition and no longer have a coach. I feel like a competition; however, is more important than not having a coach. For example, when we played our friendly game against West Florida, everybody was motivated in practice to be successful.”

The SHC men’s soccer team has looked to each other for leadership during this difficult time. Erdelyi also stated, “I would say when there is not a supreme leader, in this case a coach, there are other people such as seniors and captains that step into the role of leadership. The seniors have been doing a great job of keeping people motivated and to keep people together. They understand that it is so important for people to be together during this time. Overall, there have been so many leaders to step up from freshmen to seniors.” The Badgers have been doing their best to stay together and motivated. Many of the players believe that the team has the talent to be something special with the right coach. Franklin expressed, “Going into my senior season, I hope for an open minded coach who values hard work. We’re a very talented team and I believe with the right coach, we’re unstoppable.” The Badgers are hopeful for the upcoming season with their new head coach. 

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