Canvas Set to Replace Schoology this Summer


Spring Hill College is making a switch from Schoology to Canvas as their learning management system beginning during Summer 2021. 

During the current Spring semester, Spring Hill College announces their transition to Canvas from Schoology for the summer and fall semesters. Executive Director of the Center for Online Learning, Geri Genovese, says that this will not affect tuition in any way. For the first summer term, professors will have the option to choose Canvas or Schoology. For the second term and beyond, only Canvas will be used.

Genovese stated the primary reasoning for switching was: “We used information received from student feedback on online teaching and listened so we knew we needed to use a robust tool to increase educational access for all students by supporting technology-mediated delivery of high quality instruction, and providing students with a convenient and cost-effective system for achieving their educational goal.” Additionally, Canvas has a simpler interface that is able to engage with more third party tools such as Google Drive.

While it is not known how students will react to the change yet, Genovese said that there is a positive response from faculty and has been overall positive; “We realize it’s not easy to recreate course content but our rollout has provided support resources such as online materials, in-person training and consultation opportunities.”

A specific feature that the Center for Online Learning is focusing on is accessibility. Genovese states “Accessible design also considers economic, cultural, and social barriers that might prevent users from accessing, understanding, or using your learning management system...The Center for Online Learning has been working with faculty to create quality standards to make navigation easy for students to use and this way they can concentrate on the material in the course rather than the system.” 

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