SHC Receives Grant To Alleviate Student Financial Hardships During Pandemic


Spring Hill College has recently been awarded the HEERF II Grant in order to help students who are going through financial hardship during the COVID-19 pandemic.

An email was sent out to Spring Hill students on March 24 letting them know that all qualifying students could expect to receive a base amount of $400. Spring Hill student Tessia Nicossia said, “I think it will be beneficial for students because any extra money helps with expenses.” All students that are enrolled at Spring Hill and are U.S. citizens are eligible to receive this award. “I remember an email the school sent about a month ago about grant money we could possibly receive, so it’s great to see the school is able to distribute that money to students” said Nicossia.

This is the email that was sent to students: 

“Dear Students,

Spring Hill College has been allocated $686,341 in Federal HEERF II grant funds from the Department of Education for our qualifying students.  "Qualifying" means you must be a US Citizen and currently enrolled at Spring Hill College. (includes any traditional undergraduate, non-traditional as well as graduate student)  

If you meet these two requirements, you can receive your grant in one of three ways:

               1)  apply your grant to your student account balance for Spring 2021, or 

               2)  by direct deposit into your bank account, or

               3)  by check issued to you from Spring Hill College.

If you wish to receive your grant by method 1) or 2), please complete the attached form and return to

If you do not return this election form, your "default" method of your grant delivery will be by check.

We are working to get all of the grants disbursed to our eligible students no later than Thursday, April 2nd. 

The award will be a "base amount" (same amount for every student) plus additional funds to students who received a Pell grant in this academic year relative to the amount of their Pell grant award.  At this time, we anticipate the base amount to be at least $300 per student.  

There will only be one disbursement/award of the 2021 HEERF II funds. 

For the students who will be receiving a check, we will setup a "day, time and place" for you to come pickup your check.  If you do not pickup your check, it will be mailed to the address that we have on file with the Registrar’s office. Further instructions will be communicated in the next few days on this process.

Thank you for your patience, and we hope this will help ease some of your financial stress you maybe incurring at this time.”

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