Spring Hill Hopes for Enrollment Increase Following Tuition Reduction

Andrew Jones: Tuition Reset Makes Spring Hill More Affordable For Students
Tuition Reset Makes Spring Hill More Affordable For Students


Spring Hill College is reducing its tuition to $21,100 beginning in the fall of the 2021 school year for all new and current undergraduate students.

In August of 2021, all students at Spring Hill College will only pay $21,100. According to Spring Hill Administration Patrick Sprague, “The reason for the tuition reduction is to best serve the students by being affordable and accessible.” The tuition will drop from $41,868 to $21,100 is over 50%. This price reduction moves Spring Hill to one of the most affordable private colleges in the country.

At the start of the 2020 school year, President Dr. Joe Lee announced that Spring Hill College would be having a tuition reset. This reset would lower the cost of attendance to $21,100. The hope of administration is that this reset would attract more students to college by making it more affordable. Patrick Sprague said, “Oftentimes high school students would write off Spring Hill College without applying due to the original price of $41,868.” The high price of the college’s tuition was a discouraging factor for some high school students who may not have a strong income to pay for college. This reduction though takes away that factor of being seen as too expensive. Sophomore Ian Poole commented, “This reduction is a good luck for the school and will hopefully attract more students.” 

The tuition has  steadily been increasing by 3-5% each year at $41,868. This has gradually made the price that students pay each year more expensive. While the tuition reset does not stop the rate increase each year, it does make it more affordable by staying at 3% of 21,100. Students on campus have been wondering how tuition reset affects them and the scholarships that they currently have. Patrick commented, “The tuition reset would reduce the number of scholarships, but students would not pay more than what they are currently paying to attend Spring Hill College.” 

In a year where COVID has prevented possible incoming students from touring the school, the tuition reset has helped spark the interest of these students. Patrick reported that there has been an increase in applications and deposits compared to last year. This has even led to 100 students showing for virtual Badger Day that the college recently hosted. Spring Hill hopes to see an increase in enrollment in the coming years. 

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