New COVID Guidelines for Apartment Gatherings

: Student apartments at Spring Hill College.
Student apartments at Spring Hill College.

Spring Hill College has implemented a new rule limiting the amount of people in the apartments to only eight people for the spring semester.

The BadgersBack webpage explained that gatherings inside of the apartments should not exceed eight people. Gatherings of eight or more people have to be registered with the school, otherwise the students could face disciplinary actions. Resident Advisor Abby Palopoli stated, “The goal of Res Life is that by limiting the number of people in enclosed areas, they will slow the spread of COVID on campus and prevent having to place more students in quarantine.”

Res Life implemented new guidelines for the students of Spring Hill College for the spring semester of 2021. These guidelines officially define what constitutes as a gathering, setting the limit of students in an enclosed area at eight people. While the students may have mixed emotions about the new rules, they are able to see and understand the goals of Res Life. Senior apartment resident Taylor Empson said, “I think it’s good for keeping COVID to a minimum and keeping students safe. It sucks that we can’t have more than eight, but it is what it is to keep things OK.”

The common feeling among students is that through this route that the school has taken there will be drop in COVID cases around campus allowing students to feel safer. While the students wish there could be more people in one area, there is an understanding that Res Life has put in place the rule to limit the spread of COVID. 

In the fall semester, many students had questions with the COVID guidelines put in place by the administration. The main question was “What constituted a gathering?”. Before the spring semester, Spring Hill College administration clarified what constitutes as gathering. This was defined as eight students. The administration hopes to get through the second semester safely without having to cancel any major events.

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