Do "The Streaming Wars" Affect You?


Do you stream your favorite shows on a regular basis? Maybe you binge watch shows on Netflix and Hulu. If you do, listen up, “The Streaming Wars” are affecting you and will continue to do so.

College students binge their favorite shows on a regular basis. Speaking as one, I like to have some of my favorite shows on while I’m doing my homework. On Friday nights I search for new shows on Netflix or Hulu.

“The Streaming Wars” is welcoming new streaming services within the next few months, such as AppleTV+, and Disney+. According to AdWeek, “Disney+ and AppleTV+ are both slated to launch this year, while HBO Max and NBCUniversal’s streaming service are expected to join the fray in 2020.”

AppleTV+ is joining the streaming world. According to CNBC’s reporter, Julia Boorstin, “Apple's decision to price its streaming service at $4.99 a month undercuts both Netflix and Disney.” Since its launching only nine exclusive shows, I’m not thrilled about this development.  However, some might welcome the new content.

According to AdWeek, “Disney’s regular annual rate for Disney+ is $69.99.” Disney is presenting “a bundle of Disney+, Hulu and ESPN+,” according to AdWeek. This bundle will cost $12.99 a month. I believe that this is a good deal since this price matches the standard for Netflix.

If you enjoy watching Disney and Pixar movies on Netflix, be prepared to have to search elsewhere. That is because, AdWeek said, “Disney+ will become the exclusive home of Disney and Pixar titles.” I’m sad to see my Disney favorites leave Netflix.

Netflix has the majority of its audience hooked with its originals. For example, I love Netflix’s “Peaky Blinders.” I’m sad to see “The Office” and “Friends” go but glad to see that “Seinfeld” is coming.

If these new providers are producing desirable content, will we be conditioned to subscribe to multiple channels? Most college students can’t afford that, so how will we choose?

One option would be to invest in the Disney+ bundle. The other option would be to buy each streaming service separately. According to CNBC, the prices are as follows: “AppleTv + at $4.99, Hulu $6-12, Disney+ at $7, and Netflix $9-16, and HBONow $15.”

As a college student you probably won’t have the budget to buy all of these. Maybe the best option is to “share” the services. For example, you could subscribe to AppleTV+, while you still use your parent’s Netflix account, and use your relative’s Disney+ account. All in all, the best advice is that sharing is caring.

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