Burnin' Up for a Jo-Bro Reunion


This is an S.O.S., the Jonas Brothers are returning to the music scene once again. 

The Disney Channel heartthrobs are reuniting as a band after a six-year hiatus. News broke at the end of the month that the boy band will be re-assembling this year for the first time since 2013. The boys will be dropping “brothers” from the band name and will be known as just JONAS. Fans are speechless, over the edge, just breathless that all three Jonas brothers: Kevin, Joe and Nick are returning together. Rumors that the band would reunite have emerged since its breakup in 2013, but none have been legitimate. However, recent reports of the band reforming are believed to be true. 

According to People Magazine, the brothers met at the beginning of February in Los Angeles to discuss their plans for a comeback. It is said the reunion will include new music, a tour and a documentary. The siblings have not released any information yet confirming the news, but outside sources close to the siblings have affirmed that a reunion is in the works. On top of this, Nick Jonas has liked tweets about the possibility of a reunion which has given fans more than enough reason to believe the rumors of the band’s comeback. 

For those who aren’t fans of the trio, the news of the Jonas Brothers reuniting may not seem as significant as other musical reunions that have occurred in the past, but fans are already preparing for the possibility of the band’s return. 

The Cheat Sheet, an entertainment news outlet, compares the Jonas Brothers’ musical resurgence to a Beatles reunion, explaining that for those who grew up with the band’s music, it feels this way. I, among many other fans, are burnin’ up with the news of the Jonas Brothers’ comeback and plan on buying tickets if they go on another tour. The band broke up right before it was set to go on tour, and a reunion would give fans another chance to break out their red dresses and high heels to see the trio live.

Since the band’s breakup, the brothers have still played music together for fun but nothing further. All three of them have taken their time off to pursue different career paths. Both Nick and Joe Jonas have continued to make music since the band’s breakup. Nick has pursued a solo career in music as well as in acting, appearing in “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle.” Joe formed his own band DNCE in 2015 and has been the group’s frontman, meanwhile Kevin Jonas has since gotten married and had two children with his wife Danielle.

An official statement from the Jonas Brothers about the band’s return is expected to be released soon, so fans will have to hold on a little bit longer until then.

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