Students Get Creative with Social Media Hashtags

"Clouds of Sprill" Account Created by Student, Katy Rasp


Students have created Spring Hill themed Instagrams to convey positive messages to students and boost school spirit.

One of the most recent themed accounts is called Humans of Spring Hill (@humansofspringhill) which is run by junior Katy Rasp. “I wanted to create this Instagram because I felt that there were many people in the Spring Hill community who deserved to be highlighted,” stated Rasp about her page. Humans of Spring Hill is dedicated to posting appreciation to all levels of faculty from professors, cleaning, cafeteria workers. The first post is of Mr. Calvin, one of the desk workers at the cafeteria. The caption under his photo expresses his love for the school. He said, “I love what I do … They [the students] may be having a bad day and I can ask them how their day is and I can pray for them. And I just love them. I love them to death.” Rasp is a member of the Student Government Association, the Association came up with the idea for this page. Rasp states, “In SGA, one of our goals for the year was to get the students to get to know the employees across campus, not just their teachers but the people who work behind the scenes.”

Another emerging popular Instagram page is Turtles of Spring Hill (@turtlesofspringhill) created by senior Mary Helen Jones. This page specifically focuses on the slower reptiles residing on campus. When asked why she made the page, Mary Helen states, “I thought it would be a great way to remind everyone of the beauty in nature and wildlife on this campus that we sometimes miss because we’re preoccupied with other things. There are turtles all over the place, and they’re so cute!”

Some accounts come and go such as: big/little reveals, students abroad blogs, caf hacks, Tony the caf man, etc. A long-running staple in the Spring Hill Instagram community has been Clouds of Sprill (@clouds_of_sprill), run by junior Erin Schell who is currently abroad in Bologna, Italy. Schell said, “It helps me step back, look up, and appreciate the beauty. The goal is for others to notice beauty in the small things.”

Each Instagram page takes student submissions and suggestions. Some newer Instagram page ideas includes Cats of Sprill or Squirrels of Spring Hill which will be created later this semester.

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