20 Words You Probably Don’t Know If You’re Over 40

: Reporter Maggie Algero.
Reporter Maggie Algero.

Are you over 40 years old? Do you feel confused by young adults’ lingo? Here’s a list of the top 20 words that young adults are frequently using today:

1. BAE (“Before Anyone Else”): term used for someone you really like and a term of endearment. Ex: Mary is bae.

2. Basic: negative term used for something that has become mainstream. Ex: That graphic tee is so basic.

3. Down in the DM: refers to when someone direct messages you on social media.

4. Extra: something or someone that is over the top or flashy. Ex: That outfit is so extra.

5. Fam: refers to your closest group of friends.

6. Fire: refers to something that is trending or when someone thinks something is awesome. Ex: That new album is fire.

7. Goals: when something is desirable. Ex: Their relationship is goals.

8. GOAT (“Greatest of All Time”): someone who is the best, but also refers to someone who did a small act of kindness or greatness. Ex: She is the GOAT because she brought me ice cream.

9. Grind: refers to someone who works hard to achieve their goals. Ex: I’ve been on my grind to pass my accounting test.

10. Gucci: term that means good or cool.

11. Weak: when someone thinks something is hilarious. Ex: I’m weak.

12. Lit: something that is good or fun, but also refers to someone who is intoxicated. Ex: He was so lit last night. OR That party did not shut down till 4 a.m., it was lit.

13. Low Key: when you want to express something, but you don’t want anyone to know about it; it can also describe someone’s behavior. Ex: He was being so low key about the situation.

14. On Fleek: something that is awesome or “on point”. Ex: Her outfit is on fleek today.

15. Salty: to describe someone who is angry or bitter about something. Ex: John broke her phone so she is salty towards him now.

16. Savage: someone who says or does something without a filter.

17. Throwin’ Shade: when someone disses or insults someone else.

18. Turn Up: to get rowdy or to party, and usually involves alcohol. Ex: Let’s turn up this weekend at the ball.

19. Vibes: refers to feelings, emotions, or the atmosphere around you; can also be used to agree with someone. Ex: He brought bad vibes to the party. OR Person One: “I’m thinking about Mexican for dinner.” Person Two: “Vibes.”

20. Woke: to be knowledgeable about a certain topic like politics or social justice issues.



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