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Kristyn Russell Accepts New CSI Position


Over Christmas break, students were emailed about a new person in the Director of Center of Student Involvements chair. 

Kristyn Russell is a well known staff member who has transitioned from the Foley Center to Center of Student Involvement. She is from New York. She received her Bachelors of Arts from the State University of New York. Russell later got her Masters at Canisius College in Buffalo, NY. 

Russell was very active in the Foley Center. She helped students connect to their perfect volunteer site. She also helped students find their purpose for service. She still helps out the Arrupe Scholar LLC, which is housing for students that are dedicated to service. Russell still keeps in contact with her Foley Center students. 

Transitioning from one department to another can be difficult for any person, but not for Kristyn Russell. “The change has been a very rewarding experience. I have had the opportunity to meet so many more students and also see Foley Center students in a new light. Everyone has been so welcoming and appreciative of my presence. Overall, I feel like I have hit the ground running and have enjoyed working closely with my students to plan and/or support programs such as fraternity and sorority recruitment, 100 Days, Mardi Gras Ball, etc,” said Kristyn Russell, Director of Center of Student Involvement. She is enjoying her transition in every step. 

Russell feels that she adds something fresh and new to CSI. Previously working in Student Affairs at other Institutions and three Jesuit Institutions, she brings what she learned from there to her new title in CSI. Russell states,  “I feel this will bring about some more innovative ideas and collaborations to CSI.”  

Of course when coming to a new job, you have to bring ideas to the table. Russell has added great ideas to CSI in the short couple of months that she has been there. Russell stated one of her new projects for CSI (Center of Student Involvement) is, “Leadership Development curriculum/programs for Spring Hill College students.” She is still at the developing stages with this new project. She shared the outcome she expects from this new project. “ In partnership with Residence Life, we will be introducing a first year living and learning community (LLC) in Viragh Hall for the 2020-2021 academic year. Badgers LEAD LLC will be a community for first year students interested in developing their leadership skills, learn about different leadership styles including their own, and be provided with tools to develop as a leader on campus and in the community,”said Russell. This is half of the outcomes wanted from this project. 

In closing with Russell, she talked about how happy she is to meet the students in CSI as she was when she was in the Foley Center. She can’t wait to spread her wings and help Spring Hill students to have better skills for life. “Spring Hill is a unique place. Our faculty and staff have so much to offer our students. I hope to work more intentionally than I already have with other departments on campus. I feel this will create more cohesion and a better experience all around for our students,” said Kristyn Russell.

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