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International Students Transition to Mobile

Jose Chavarria: Albert Vila Playing Soccer
Albert Vila Playing Soccer

Coming from another country and culture,  with another language, it’s always a big transition for all the international students here at Spring Hill College.

Albert Vila, freshman, recount his experience in the United States, he is one of two students, who recounts his experience in the United States.Vila always had a passion for soccer. This passion began when he was only 2 years old. He says that he always dreamed of being a professional footballer and that he has undoubtedly achieved. Vila was born and raised in Lleida  a province in Catalonia,Spain. Villa explains that he has seen cultural differences in the United States since arriving on Jul. 20. “The people are very different here, in Spain, we don’t greet each other. In Alabama, everyone is very friendly and polite,” said Vila. 

Vila always sought to lead a professional career while also pursuing professional career while also pursuing his dreams of playing soccer. In Spain, this was not a reality. Therefore, the United States was a perfect option. Vila found the balance he was looking for,  but he never imagined getting to Mobile, Ala. Four weeks ago, he began his transition. Vila seeks to mature both emotionally and professionally. He mentioned that at first, it was complicated. He did not practice the English language much. Football was his priority. Vila says that being part of the soccer group has made his transition much more pleasant since he has a good relationship with everyone.

“I can say that because I have had the opportunity to travel, meet, and interact with other cultures, my horizons and ideologies have expanded for good. For now I can say that everything is a process.” Said Albert Vila.

Vila seeks to finish his professional career, where he knows that this transition is not yet over but that he is open and ready for the new challenges and opportunities that come.

Benni Kremling, junior in International Business major.  agrees with this, all the people who are part of the Spring Hill College community are very friendly and helpful. Kremling who comes from Munich, Germany, Kremling also plays soccer for SHC,  he mentions that his transition was hard at the time, but thanks to the help of his teachers who have supported him at all times, this process is better.

"At first I was very confused with the weather since everything here is handled with Fahrenheit degrees and not Celsius like the rest of the world," said Kremling. transitions are good processes that help us improve as people in many aspects of our lives and also lead us to the process of personal maturation.

Albert Vila knows that his university path is just beginning, but he hopes he will go far and is ready to get more involved in the student community. Benni Kremling, for his part, says he is ready for the next stage and to start his professional projects in the real world. Spring Hill College is without a doubt a place that becomes the home of hundreds of students who arrive with a dream and leave with great memories.

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