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Design on Display on the Hill

Janden Richards: Students from ART 320 put on a graphic poster display in the Bedsole Gallery
Students from ART 320 put on a graphic poster display in the Bedsole Gallery

You don’t need to leave the Hill to see some great art on display. Recently, the ART 320 class put their posters on display in the Bedsole Gallery in the Murphy Fine Arts Center. Although these posters may just appear to be pretty, there is more behind them you may think.

ART 320 instructor Janden Richards said the “idea behind this assignment is I send them to look up info about the history of poster design and famous graphic designers, both past and contemporary.” The posters are based on both past design and current graphic trends. Along with this, Richards urged her students to “make contact with professionals in the field” if they were going to base their posters on current design. Richards proudly explained that one of her students, senior Maria Delgado, actually received advice from a Venezuelan graphic designer of whom Delgado is a fan of when she contacted them.

One of the posters that also stands out was made by junior Joanna Dembowski. She wanted to give the visual impression of organized chaos and to do this, she said “I based my first poster, Acid Aesthetic on the 1960’s and 1970’s poster design styles, combining hand drawn type… with photographs.” This blending of elements and styles gives it a striking and unique appearance.

These posters will be on display in the picturesque Bedsole Gallery on the first floor of the Murphy Fine Arts Center through the end of the month. Don’t miss out on a chance to see something truly different without ever leaving campus.

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