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Pre-Law Society Established at SHC


Spring Hill College welcomed a new club on campus that will assist students who plan on attending law school following graduation.  

The Pre-Law Society was created by Junior, Simone Smith and Junior, Ben Bolton. The club was formed in order to help students prepare for the Law School Admission Test, decide if law school is the route for them and to build one another up. They plan on discerning their vocations and supporting each other’s personal goals of going to law school. According to Smith, there were “no distinguishing organizations that brought the students interested in going to law school together on campus.” Smith said, “We decided to start the club so that students who are planning to go to law school can meet each other and learn about the necessary steps that need to be taken before applying to law school.”

The club’s monthly meetings will incorporate guest speakers such as lawyers, judges and graduates who have experienced the LSAT and law school application process first hand. According to the Princeton Review, “Your LSAT score is the most important element of your application.” After taking the LSAT, it is crucial to have an idea of what comes next. Smith explained that she plans on having members listen to practicing attorneys speak about their experience as lawyers, give tips on law school and explain their experience after law school. Smith said, “These meetings will allow our members to meet lawyers, discuss opportunities for internships and address any questions they may have.”

According to the U.S. News and World Reports, one of the top five things that makes an undergraduate student stand out on a law school application is real world experience in the legal field. In order to get this experience, the student who applied to law school with legal experience would ultimately demonstrate dedication in the field of law. Smith said, “Our faculty advisor, Dr. Orange is available to talk to about the possibility of internships at law offices or in state and federal court.”

Smith explained her hopefulness toward the club’s growth and success. She said, “The club's ultimate purpose is to act as a common ground for students interested in going to law school, and to promote our members' success in this venture.” After additionally explaining his passion for creating the club, Ben Bolton said, “Regardless of year or major, everyone is welcome.” For more information about joining the Pre-Law Society, please email

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