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New Yoga Club Intends to Explore Cura Personalis

Cassidi Sterrett: Caroline Herrera, founder of the new Yoga Club at SHC.
Caroline Herrera, founder of the new Yoga Club at SHC.

Spring Hill College hosts many clubs and organizations around campus, but there is a new club this fall semester that has caught the eye of some students. SHC senior Caroline Herrera founded the Yoga club in hopes to share her experiences with the SHC community. Herrera shared, “I have been practicing yoga for about 4 years and through my practice, I have met so many amazing people at different studios and have learned a lot about the benefits yoga can offer.” Herrera decided to start this club as a way to share her passion with Spring Hill’s community and to bring students who share the same passion for yoga together. Herrera held two classes during Week of Welcome for the students, and it was a huge hit. Junior Emmarose Neibert attended both classes and said, “It was a super peaceful environment as she held the practice outside on Rydex in front of the chapel. I think Caroline did an awesome job leading the class while she simultaneously delivered a positive message to help us get our day started!”

Every class is different with the intention to learn different forms of yoga and meditation. Herrera said, “My first class was a flow, so we went through different postures and I guided through the first couple rounds and let the students take it at their own pace following their breath. Every movement is aligned with an inhale or an exhale. The second class was yin so it was holding stretches for a longer period of time, about 2 minutes.” Herrera explained that the goal is to surrender into the “discomfort” or the “new feeling” the positions bring to gain a deeper stretch in places that hold a lot of tension. While Herrera sends out positive vibes to her students, she also encourages them to fully understand the meaning of yoga. Herrera explained, “The literal word is often interpreted as meaning ‘union.’ Through practicing yoga, you work to unite your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. What ‘yoga’ means is individualized because uniting those three is a process that is unique to you. You will be in a different place than those on the mats next to you but what I love is that the end goal is the same.”

As everyone has a different comfort zone when it comes to yoga, the idea of cura personalis comes into play. According to the Spring Hill College mission statement, cura personalis means “a care for the spiritual, social and intellectual growth of each person”. Herrera hopes to implant these SHC core values into her classes. She said, “I am hoping that this club can benefit our Spring Hill community health and provide another place on campus to explore our cura personalis”. Herrera is still in the process of making a complete schedule for her upcoming classes, but she already has a few fans of the club. Neibert said that she is excited to have this new club on campus, as it will be a great way to educate the student body about the benefits of practicing yoga. “I think a common misconception is that yoga is simply just coordinated stretching, but yoga really introduces so much more into your life that affects your overall physical and mental wellness. I’m also super excited for Caroline to have an outlet for her passion and an opportunity for her to share her knowledge with the rest of us,” Neibert added. Yoga club is open to anyone and everyone who wants to join. Even if it is a bit of a stretch, there is no previous experience needed. There will be an informational meeting that will be posted on social media and flyers soon. 

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