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Grant Helps Finish Africatown Film

: Professor Ryan Noble
Professor Ryan Noble

Spring Hill College was awarded more than $185,000, as part of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) $30 million in grants for projects across the country. 

This allows for the work of professors to explore the opportunities of historical backgrounds and documentaries. With this work being produced, Spring Hill College was given the honor to display the landmarks of Africatown, and the history behind the slave ship Clotilda. One professor, Dr. Ryan Noble, is one of the people working on this project. He expressed how the work and the process it was going through by saying, “The project is going very well and will be done real soon. We have been working on it for quite some time and with this grant it allows us to showcase the rich history of Africatown and everything behind it.” 

In just a couple of weeks the project will be showcased all around, and it is exciting to see what is in store for this project. At the conclusion of the workshop many of these people, including Noble, will have a chance to sit back and reflect on the time spent working on this project and see that having the chance to make something come to life is worth so much in the end. 

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