Track and Field Intrasquad Meet Hosted At St. Pauls

Blake Flood: Track Team
Track Team

This Saturday, February 15th will be the Spring Hill Track and Field intrasquad meet,
hosted at 9 a.m. at the track of St. Paul’s high school.
The Spring Hill College Track and Field team kick off their season by competing against
themselves this upcoming weekend. The team will head out to the track of St. Paul’s,
representing either Team Purple or Team Neon, to demonstrate the results of their hard work
and effort. The teams will compete in a wide range of track and field events such as hurdles,
shot put, sprints, and pole-vault.
The Track and Field team is split evenly to create as close and exciting of a competition
as possible for all involved. The intrasquad meet isn’t limited to one day though. Throwing
events, such as javelin, will take place on Friday the 14th at Dorn Field at 4:30 p.m. Both days of
the competition, both track and field events, are free to all spectators, encouraging everyone to
attend who can.
Will Kent, Spring Hill College junior and javelin thrower is just one of the athletes excited
to go out and compete this upcoming weekend. “Thanks to everyone who came last year. I
hope everyone who can this year, comes out and sees it! It’s literally the closest to the school
we can get and compete, so I’m hoping to see a lot of familiar faces there,” said Kent.
The Spring Hill Track and Field team looks forward to seeing as many people as they can
this upcoming Friday and Saturday to show what they have been working towards. Throwing
events start this Friday, February 14 th at Dorn Field and the remaining track and field events will
be held starting at 9 a.m. this Saturday the 15 th at St. Paul’s high school’s track.

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