SHC Athletics Welcomes New Sport

Matthew Moreno: Esports Comes to SHC
Esports Comes to SHC

A new team has just revealed itself to the Spring Hill Badgers and they are extremely motivated to make themselves known.

A founding member of the team, Carlos Salmoran, a junior digital video production major who has been around the gaming industry for a while, is excited to start his career with the badgers. He has played a big role in bringing the esports team to campus. Salmoran says, “I knew students were interested in gaming and had a passion for it, I wanted to create a platform for people to compete. So I created the esports club. The school then told me they were in the works for an athletic team and everything worked out perfectly.”

Some students have been shocked by this new program that has become part of our Badger Athletics. Athletics Director Joe Niland is also enthusiastic about adding esports to Badger programs. President Dr. Lee recognizes the potential this new program has for the College. “This is cutting-edge. Many future students are looking beyond the classic athletics experience. Instead, they want a college that understands that their interests may be a bit different from a typical athletics program. Yet they still want to go to a college that can provide them the best possible education. That’s Spring Hill,” said Lee

As time passes and things start to get more serious, esports will look to compete. Competitions in gaming vary from game to game, but in team-based games it works the same way as any other team-based sport. “Teammates need to have great communication with each other to be able to push the opposing team off the point and have good chemistry, just like real sports,” said Salmoran.

Esports require a lot of hard work and dedication just like any other sport and they are looking to have a successful run in their first season as a team. They expect to keep on expanding and making themselves known around campus so they can further extend their program to the community.

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