Men's Soccer Team Receives Donations

Matthew Moreno: The soccer field at Spring Hill College.
The soccer field at Spring Hill College.

Spring Hill’s men’s soccer team looks to improve its program in the right direction with the help of alumni and support from the school community. 

The men’s soccer team is directed under the works of head coach Steve Wieczorek. Coach Wieczorek claims that the facilities that have been provided are not met to their full potential nor is there significant amounts of motivation of taking a step forward in improvement. In the past few years, the soccer program has been fortunate enough to receive a significant amount of donations that have helped them take a big step forward in making improvements. Thanks to the alumni, in the past season Coach Wieczorek has been able to provide GPS trackers for the players so that they can monitor themselves while running in any soccer-related activity. He also plans to have netting behind the soccer goals added for the fall of 2020. 

In regards to the future, Coach Wieczorek says “my main priority is putting all my effort and dedication into making Library Field a better place.” Wieczorek proceeded to say that unfortunately, in order to restore Library Field and keep it in great condition, the cost will be a substantial one. He pledges that all of the incoming money from our great alumni will now proceed to Library Field, which has the potential to be a quality surface for our soccer programs to continue to succeed.

In the past we have seen plenty of success with our Men’s soccer team. They ended their 2017 with a record of 12-3. Following that big year of success they continued with then having a record of 17-2 in the 2018 season. They were also undefeated in the GSC regular season conference and GSC conference tournament. The badgers also appeared in their first ever NCAA game. 

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