Badger Basketball Update


The Spring Hill College’s men’s basketball team fell to an 0-2 conference record this past week following a 98-88 loss to Morehouse College. 

The team has an overall record of 1-7 on the season. Head Coach Craig Kenedy said, “I knew going into this season that we were going to be a very inexperienced team and it was going to take time for use to gel.” The team has only two returning starters from last season and has struggled to keep more than 9 players healthy at a time. 

The Badgers first seven games have featured three Division 1 opponents and two Division 2 opponents that are ranked among the country’s top 25 teams. Kennedy said that the team has “probably one of the toughest schedules in Division 2.” However, “I think if we keep advancing the way that we are going, we are going to be a very tough team come tournament time,” said Kennedy.  

The men have 17 SIAC games and three non-conference games remaining this season. One of the big upcoming games for the Badgers is the match-up against The University of Alabama in Huntsville on Dec. 21 at the 2019 Rocket City Classic. 

The Spring Hill College women’s basketball team is 1-0 in conference play, after its 69-66 win over Albany State University. 

Senior Tiffany Valentine had 27 points and 9 rebounds in the game, junior Cassidy McDaniel had 11 points, and junior Katie Krout had 13 points and 9 rebounds during the game. Senior Elise Reilly, with 12 points in the game, earned a spot in Spring Hill’s “1000 Career Points Club.” After suffering a season ending injury late last season, Elise was “very motivated” to reach 1000 points this season. “My next goal is to reach 1200 points by the end of my senior season,” says Reilly. 

The Badgers started this season with a 2-6 record. Reilly remarked that “although we haven’t started this season off with a great record, we still believe that those games were for learning. Conference is about to begin and that is what matters.” This season seniors Tiffany Valentine, Daja Walker, and Elise Reilly are looking to capture the conference champion title for a second time. 

The Badgers have 20 games left to play this season: 17 of which are against SIAC opponents. The Spring Hill Badgers will play again on Dec. 7 against the Argonauts of West Florida. 

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