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Women's Soccer Prepares for Next Game


The women’s soccer team kicked off the 2019 season and shared its determination and strong mindset. 

The team refers to this season as "comeback season" as they hope to improve both on and off the field. In addition to growing a lot as a team, the Lady Badgers have new strategies planned and new priorities straight. This is all thanks to the help of the team’s head coach, Emily Marcouiller, and assistant coach, Gabrielle Burmaster. 

Senior and captain of the team, Johanna Meister, said it is important to be a good role model and leader to the group of 26 young women. When discussing the outlook the team has this year, Meister said the team must, “Play for each other, because soccer is a sport that is played as a team. We must stay in a positive environment for each other and be the best version of ourselves as friends, on the soccer field and in life.” Her goals are to keep the team close and focused.

Directors of the women's soccer team, trust that this season will be good and know that progress will be demonstrated on the field despite the difficulty. The team has countlessly demonstrated dedication during the last few years. The women have hopes that this hard work will be rewarded one day with more wins this season. Over the past seven weeks, the team has played a total of six games. The Lady Badgers have won one game thus far, but the team has the opportunity to win 11 more this season. 

Johanna Meister knows how important the soccer team is for the Spring Hill College community. She trusts that all the girls will do very well in the upcoming games and will make Mobile proud. “I have so much pride and love for my girls. They have made my Spring Hill experience unforgettable and very special,” said Meister.

The women’s soccer team was described by students and coaches in three words:  tenacious, transitory, and respectable. Each of these words exemplify the grit and character displayed by the 26 young women on the team. The team anticipates its next game on Oct. 4 against Auburn University Montgomery on the Byrne Library field. Make sure to come out and support the Lady Badgers!

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