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Peggy Martin Named as Winningest NCAA Volleyball Coach

Photo courtesy of See the full story of Peggy Martin featured on SHC BTV's
See the full story of Peggy Martin featured on SHC BTV's "Spring Hill Now"

Peggy Martin has won more than 1,350 games making her NCAA’s volleyball coach with the most wins in history. 

After eleven years of retirement, Martin decided to continue her career on the Hill. Martin said, “I was pretty happy with the accomplishments I had when I retired. However, I had the opportunity to come here and really turn a program around at Spring Hill.” She continued to express her appreciation working with the women on the SHC volleyball team, “It gave me the chance to work with some fabulous kids at a fabulous place. Spring Hill has allowed me to extend my career and break this record.”

Becoming a record holder is not the easiest of feats. “I would have to say that it was probably the most exciting finish of any match I have ever been a part of,” reflected Martin after she won her record breaking game. With excitement, Martin describes the last few minutes of the game, “We were down 14-8, and it was a freshman’s turn to serve, she served an ace at 10 and 14; we get a kill at 15 and 16, ending the match and setting a record.”

For her players, Martin’s coaching is special. Sophomore Kassandra Fairly shared her admiration for Coach Peggy, “Playing under coach Peggy is an honor because she is a great coach. So being able to play for her, especially after she broke the record, is an extreme honor.” Fairly continued to explain that Coach Peggy Martin has been the best volleyball coach she has ever had and one of the reasons she decided to come to Spring Hill.

Martin acknowledged that if it hadn’t been for those around her throughout her career, breaking the record would have never been possible. Martin said, “I would like to thank all those people who have had a part in any win or even any loss that I have had for putting up for me and my demanding ways. I’m getting credit for a village of people, and I appreciate all of them.”


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