Volleyball Takes on Mobile Thursday Night

Lucia Martinez: Lady Badgers Prepare for Game
Lady Badgers Prepare for Game


Lady Badgers will take on their biggest opponent on Thursday Sept. 19 at 6:00 p.m. while Head Coach Peggy Martin approaches the NCAA record for most career wins as a collegiate head coach. 

Each year, the volleyball team prepares to face its toughest opponent, University of Mobile. In 2016 and 2017, the Mobile Rams defeated SHC until last year. This week, the Lady Badgers are confident and prepared to face the University of Mobile. Senior Brittany Bilotti said, “I think we have a really good chance. When we went to go play in Pensacola two weekends ago, one of the coaches said that this is the best Spring Hill team that they’ve ever seen.” 

With ten new freshmen outnumbering the seniors, students predict it will be an interesting game to watch the teams’ new dynamic and to see how they will work together to accomplish this feat. Bilotti explained that they are still figuring out how to best fit the freshmen into the team’s line up. She said that Coach Martin does a very good job with that process. Freshman Mikayla Boyer mentioned the challenge of playing at a higher level and living up to Coach Martin’s expectations. Boyer stated, “It’s definitely making me a better player.”

Peggy Martin, Head coach of court volleyball, has an ongoing history of coaching volleyball for the past 40 years. In total, Martin has over 1,300 winnings and if the Badgers win the game against the University of Mobile, the team will have made history by helping Martin become the winningest coach in NCAA history. 

Martin emphasized that each senior takes on a leadership role. Team captains: Cassidi Sterrett, Emmarose Neibert and Payton Gidney work together to serve as the “gel” that ensures the team is working at its fullest potential. Martin expects that in this game, Sophomore middle hitter Kassandra Fairly will carry out her exceptional offensive skills.

Goal setting is not uncommon in sports teams. Martin shared that their team goal is to play the best volleyball they can play which should result in some wins and possibly championships. The main goal is to get better everyday. 

When asked how she feels about coming so close to the NCAA’s record of most wins, Martin humbly said she is very blessed to be healthy, to have extremely good players and a lot of success. Martin shared how honored she is to be with a very special group of young women and to her, that’s more important than the number of wins. 

The team shared more positivity regarding the team dynamic and experience thus far. All three senior team members, Bilotti, Boyer and Neibert described the “atmosphere” amongst the team. Neibert said, “What I like most about our team is the family atmosphere.” From being a freshman to a senior, Neibert has always felt the camaraderie of the team influence her volleyball experience. Martin summarized the team in 3 words: Committed. Energetic. Diverse. 

As the team takes on its competitor, the Mobile Rams, make sure to stop by the Outlaw Rec Center at 6:00 p.m. to support the Lady Badgers!

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