SHC Track and Field Team Kick off the Season

Amelia Hoffeld: Spring Hill's Track and Field Team prepares for their upcoming season.
Spring Hill's Track and Field Team prepares for their upcoming season.

The opportunity to watch the Track and Field team compete and show the Hill its skills does not come around often. Just down the street from campus at Dorn field and St. Paul’s track, the team kicked off its season with its third annual intrasquad meet on Saturday, Feb. 16.

Head Coach Craig McVey along with Assistant Coach Donald Cooper headed up the intrasquad meet. After much preparation, thought and time, Cooper split up the whole team into neon versus purple, which are the Track and Field team colors. Cooper expressed his enthusiasm for what this particular group has to offer this upcoming season. Cooper said, “I think our ladies look great today and the guys still have some growing to do, but we’ve got a really young group. We’re looking forward to conference.”

Freshman Erika Nageleisen, from the neon team, expressed her thoughts about the meet and winning the 1500 meter and 800 meter races. Nageleisen said “I felt like my race was good. It was fast, but I think I have a lot more that I can improve.” The men and women competed in several events including discus, javelin, 1500 meters, 300 meters, 500 meters, 150 meters, 800 meters, followed by the 1200 meter sprint medley relay.

When questioned about the team dynamic this season, Nageleisen said, “I think now that we have the sprinters, I’m just learning more about people I can add to my family.” Another Freshman, Erthaly Thomas said she feels supported and that “all the veterans on this team are great athletes and mentors for me,” and junior Meghan Sullivan described how comforting it is to have “coaches that know the sport and care.” 

During the meet, junior Joe Butler explained how the team competed strongly considering the sickness and injuries this start of the season, adding “it’s kind of difficult getting back into the season after a nice long break, but the intrasquad meet helps get into a race mentality.” After the final relay and scoring, the neon team took first place against the purple team.

With their first meet approaching after spring break at the University of South Alabama on March 15 and 16, the team has hopes to continue their high energy and effort throughout the season.

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