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SHC Bowling Team Concludes 2017-2018 Season

Walter Massey : Senior Erianna Roy is bittersweet about her final bowling season.
Senior Erianna Roy is bittersweet about her final bowling season.


Spring Hill College’s bowling team, finished its post-season last week, concluding the 2017-2018 bowling season.

The Bowling Badgers entered the season-ending tournament excited to make a push to qualify for the national tournament. SHC senior Erianna Roy said, “We know that there are not too many students on campus that keep up with the stats of our games or follow our records online, but we have some very good players on our team and really think that we are solid as an overall group.” She continued with a smile, “I had so much fun with my teammates and would not trade any of my experiences.”

The final tournament did not go entirely as planned. The women finished 10th out of 13 teams and the men finished 13th out of 16 participating teams. SHC senior Jackson Harris chuckled as he said, “We didn’t finish as well as we expected, but we, the Spring Hill Badgers-will be back stronger than ever next year. I wish I was able to come back next year and play alongside my teammates again, but I can’t say I’m not excited about graduating.”

Harris was highly ranked in last year’s individual bowling tournament, and he is considering playing professionally after he graduates from SHC.

Although the 2017-2018 season has come to an end, the Bowling Badgers will be back in action next fall.

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