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SHC's Phi Mu Hosts Kickball Tournament

Walter Massey: An SHC student participates in the Phi Mu kickball tournament.
An SHC student participates in the Phi Mu kickball tournament.

The Phi Mu sorority hosted an on-campus, fundraising kickball tournament this past weekend.

On Saturday, March 10, Spring Hill College students gathered to play some games of kickball. The participants had to form teams with their friends and donate money to be able to compete for this year’s championship prize. Teams included on-campus fraternities and sororities, and the excitement and competitive edge rang across the rugby field.

The Phi Mu sorority offered free food and snow cones for both players and audience members; blue lips and greasy fingers were visible all around the field as enthusiasm was written over everyone’s faces as they watched the tournament unfold.

Phi Mu member and coach, Windee Johnson, had this to say about the event, “We are always counting down the days to this event, we love having everyone come out and have a little fun with each other. This game is good for our charity and it is a stress reliever for the students. I love how much fun everyone is having, and I had no idea so many of us were this athletic.”

SHC student Quinn Roberts was among the spectators: “This is the second year in a row that I have come to this event. I did not play this year because I have already graduated and couldn’t help but feel a little old,” he said with a laugh. “But I enjoy coming and just showing a little support and Badger pride. I hope they are able to continue what they are doing for this great cause.”

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