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SHC's Men's Rugby Team Takes a Win at Seven's Tournament

: Rugby Team after taking their win
Rugby Team after taking their win

Though Spring Hill College’s men’s rugby team hadn’t done as well as they’d hoped at the beginning of this season, the boys did not disappoint at the JSU Megabowl Seven’s Tournament this past weekend, Saturday March 3. According to junior Mark Olsen, the president of the rugby team, the team did not win a single game at the conference warmup. However, “This past weekend we did incredible, going undefeated and winning the whole thing. We even beat Auburn University 40-0."

The rugby team is considered a club sport on campus, and because of that, they play larger schools including The University of Alabama, Auburn University, and Louisiana State University. Playing against bigger schools is something that is unique to the rugby program, and the whole team agrees that it makes every win that much sweeter.

After the recent victory this weekend, the team has become a lot closer according to some of the players. Junior Temple Vitti shared, "The team is tight. We like to think of each other as family; as brothers. We are a bunch of hard-working guys. We shed blood and break bones for each other. The team is very diverse. We come from all corners of the country, but rugby brings us together."

We can expect each win to bring the team closer and closer in the future, since we will be seeing a lot of the same players next year. There aren’t any seniors on the team. With that being said, there were several freshmen that joined the team this year, allowing Spring Hill College’s rugby team to grow. "The new guys are blending in great. Two freshmen put up ten scores between the two of them this weekend,” junior Nick Balantte, one of the captains, stated.

Overall, the rugby team is excited for what is to come in the future. “Our goal this season is to make it to the National Rugby 7 Tournament," Olsen shared. The Badgers will be hosting a tournament March 24 on campus, and hope to see a lot of the SHC community cheering them on. Be sure to make an appearance and cheer your fellow badgers on.


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