President Lee Lists 5 Year Initiatives

Courtesy of SHC Marketing Department: Dr. Joe Lee
Dr. Joe Lee

With a new five-year contract in hand, SHC President Joe Lee is looking ahead to a number of long-term initiatives. 

Dr. Lee is a Maine native but has grown to call Mobile his home. He believes his wife, has really taken a liking to Mobile and they have “a ball” whenever they are here together. His wife is the reason he is at Spring Hill, as she encouraged him to pursue the job because she thought it was the perfect fit for him.

Dr. Lee has many exciting goals for the next five years. Those include increasing enrollment in undergraduates, transfers, graduate, and participants in online programs. He would also like to increase the salary and retirement funds of the professors. Dr. Lee wants to eat in the cafeteria at least once a week to spend more time with the students as he “did not do a very good job of that last year.” Dr. Lee, Joe as he likes to be called, encourages students to visit him in his office “just to say hello- not only when they are in trouble or something bad happens.” He loves interacting with the students and his favorite day is move-in day!

SGA President, Cade Dernlan, has met with Dr. Lee and he called it a “special moment” because he found that they have the same goals. He has said that SGA has many initiatives that will “hopefully come to fruition very soon.” Dernlan believes that Dr. Lee has the passion for higher education and the “fervor” to really make a great impact on The Hill. 

Whenever Dr. Lee is not in his office, he enjoys walking around campus, baking, and cooking. He is proud to call himself a “foodie” and has really enjoyed the Mobile food and culture. Dr. Lee likes to golf “when it is cooler”,  and he enjoys watching New England sports teams because they are “different than the teams down here.” He enjoys reading quite a lot and even called it his passion. 

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