SHC's Greeks Gear Up for Spring Recruitment


    This spring many of Spring Hill College students will be going through recruitment in hopes of joining a fraternity or sorority on Spring Hill College’s campus.

     Spring Hill College is home to eight greek organizations. There are four Interfraternity Council fraternities, including Delta Chi, Lambda Chi Alpha, Sigma Chi and Tau Kappa Epsilon; and there are four Panhellenic sororities, including Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Phi Mu and Sigma Kappa.

    Every year there are slightly less freshmen who are going through the recruitment process. Vice President of Student Affairs, Kevin Abel, said: “I do believe that the size of the incoming class does have an impact on interest and the number of students interested in recruitment.”

    Due to this decreasing number of freshman, campus programming teams, including Panhellenic and the Interfraternity Council (IFC) have been working to encourage students to get more involved on campus. This was the first year that the two came together to help introduce potential new members to the Greek community by hosting a Meet the Greeks event this past September. Caroline Cusick, Panhellenic President, said: “We had Meet the Greeks this semester and we're just trying to make some programing to show what greek life at Spring Hill is like as well as get people interested and involved.”

    Cusick also mentioned how Panhellenic has been trying to be more commuter-friendly, saying: “We’ve been trying to have the interest meetings at different times of the day and on different days of the week, because we know that we have been getting a bigger commuter class each year… because it can be harder when you’re not on campus, but commuters can definitely still rush and have meaningful memberships in greek organizations.” While you are not required to attend an interest meeting, the deadline to sign up for formal Panhellenic spring recruitment is Dec. 8 at 11:59 p.m.

    While Panhellenic has been holding interest meetings, IFC also plans to start promoting their spring rush soon. Inter-fraternal Council President, Alex Anderson, said: “We just came up with a picture that fraternities will post on social media to encourage freshman to sign up along with sending all freshmen guys an email to sign up for rush.” IFC rush is Jan. 16-19 and there is a mandatory IFC meeting Jan. 15.

    Greek life member, Kyle Mistretta, encourages those on the fence about IFC rushing to give it a chance, saying: “I’d say that even if you are barely interested, you should definitely go through rush… you’d be surprised at how many guys you’ll meet and how chill the process is. You also don’t have to sign a bid at the end of it, but I’d definitely recommend going through rush at the very least!”

    You can follow both Panhellenic and IFC on Instagram: @shcpanhellenic and @shc_ifc, you can register for Panhellenic recruitment using the link in their Instagram bio.  

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