TEDx Event at SHC

: Attorney General Emilee Adams
Attorney General Emilee Adams

Spring Hill College will host its second TEDx presentations in LeBlanc on November 4, 2018. The event was proposed by former Student Government Association (SGA) member Charles Fink ‘17 about two years ago. With that being said, the organizers and coordinators of this event are members of Spring Hill’s SGA. Attorney General Emilee Adams, who is one of the leaders in coordinating this event, stressed that SGA, “thinks it is important for Spring Hill to have programming that is intellectually stimulating and that challenges students to look at a topic differently.”

This year’s TEDx presentation will consist of seven speakers and the showcasing of two videos. However, the presentation is an interactive experience because the audience is given the opportunity to visit with the speakers and discuss the ideas presented to them with other audience members during an intermission. When speaking with Adams, she explained how this event is something that should not be missed. Adams says that TED talks, “push us to recognize something occurring in our daily lives and look at them from a different perspective. This is an opportunity to see happen live on our own campus.”  In addition, this is the only TEDx event that is happening on the Gulf Coast, making this upcoming opportunity even more unique. The content of this year’s presentation contains personal and professional development, communication, diversity and the economics and politics of health care.

While Adams is excited to hear all of the speakers, she is most looking forward to Dethra Giles. Adams said, “Her talk is about why we avoid talking about the taboo topics of politics, race, and religion in the workplace. I am someone who really enjoys having deep conversations with others and values the ability to have respectful dialogue over 'taboo' topics. I am looking forward to seeing Dethra's talk live and being able to connect with her ideas on workplace conversations.”

To learn more about the speakers and topics, and to purchase tickets, visit SHC’s website at

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