Cracking a Cold One at McKinney’s

: Some alcohol options at Mckinney's
Some alcohol options at Mckinney's

This semester at McKinney’s on The Hill students of age will be able to enjoy some exciting new adult beverages. Barefoot wine and, the highly requested, Twisted Tea mini kegs are the newest beverages on the menu, and students are loving it. Spring Hill College senior, Taylor Lewis, shared her thoughts on the newest additions: “I’m a BIG fan. They’re great prices for students, and it’s awesome that we can use our badger bucks.” In fact, students are such “BIG fans” that within the first week of these new beverages being available, the Twisted Tea mini kegs completely sold out. As students have been voicing their concerns about the shortage, David Reiley, Food Services Director, has heard and is working hard to resolve the issue. He is optimistic that it will be resolved soon enough. Despite the recent setbacks, Reiley’s goal this semester is to keep the students happy: “We’re trying to do a much better job this year at keeping stocked. We even got a cooler back there that is strictly devoted to beer and wine.” As he tends toward this goal, he asks students to express any concerns they have in regards to the shortages to him. He states, “the more information I have, the better… I would rather know than not know, and it become an issue.”

Although McKinney’s is stepping up their adult beverage game, SHC is urging students to drink responsibly. In order to insure the safety of the students, SHC and Aramark are implementing a policy for the amount of beverages one can drink during their time at McKinney's. The policy states that during the first half hour students can have two drinks, then every half hour students can have one drink. While this limits students to an hour of drinking, students are welcome to come back later during the same day as the cycle starts over. SHC senior Julianne Salancy shares her opinion on the new policy: “It’s nice that McKinney's allows people of age to engage in those activities [drinking], but still shows that even with fun, there is a healthy limit.” McKinney’s will continue to provide this service as long as students do not abuse these new additions.

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