Wrapping Up the Semester

Kristen Dunham:

Spring semester 2018 is wrapping up on the Hill, which means that students will soon be preparing for final exams. While finals week can be a stressful time at the end of the semester, the Center for Student Involvement (CSI) and other campus organizations host events that students can attend between finals.

The Center for Student Involvement will host Exam Breaks for students beginning on the last day of classes. Exam Breaks consist of activities and events where students can take a break from finals and relax. Some events that students can expect include late-night breakfast on the last day of classes, a visit from Kona Ice, and yoga and led meditation.

CSI also hopes to bring dogs to campus again during Exam Breaks. According to Katelyn Whitty, associate director at CSI, Sigma Kappa is currently working with CSI to make this happen. While there is no guarantee for dogs, Whitty says that she hopes to bring back this student favorite for this semester. Overall, she believes what students enjoy the most about these events is the low pressure and ease of coming and going. “It gives students a sense of relief in the hurricane that is exams,” she stated. Sophomore Mia Barber said she likes that the events during Exam Breaks are free. “They’re really helpful because they give a break from studying,” Barber said.

Freshman honor society Phi Eta Sigma will also host Let’s Rock Finals Study Session on Thursday, April 26, Spring Hill’s academic preparation day falling between the last day of classes and the first day of finals. Course-specific tutors and tutors from the Center for Academic Excellence will be available to work with students who are completing assignments or studying for finals.

Rebecca Venter-Lombardo, coordinator of academic support, also offered some advice to students as they prepare for finals. “No all-nighters,” she stated first, saying that it can ruin sleeping schedules. She said that students should start early so that it gives time to ask for help from professors. She also suggested using online tools like Quizlet to self-test and help identify what needs to be strengthened in studying. Whitty said that students should take time to relax, take a deep breath and avoid overstressing.

The last day of classes for students will be Wednesday, April 25. Finals begin on Friday, April 27, and will continue to Wednesday, May 2.


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