Who Makes Up SHC's Class of 2021?

: The Class of 2021 is one of the largest classes in school history.
The Class of 2021 is one of the largest classes in school history.

 Spring Hill College always looks forward to greeting the new smiling faces of incoming students and their families. This fall, Spring Hill welcomed one of the largest classes in school history.

The incoming class of 2021 has almost 400 students and is number 188 of the 187 classes that have came before it. According to Kendrick Dunklin, Director of Admissions, this class has 394 freshmen, 114 being commuters, who have chosen to continue their education on The Hill. In addition to the class of 2021, Spring Hill also welcomed 45 new transfer students. When asked how this class compared to previous years, Mike Freyaldenhoven, Director of Student Involvement, said, “This class has been more active and involved in the Weeks of Welcome events, including Badger Expo, than in years past. We had a greater turnout of students and families at Convocation and we also have had less conduct issues and less emergent hospital situations than in years past at this point in the semester.”  

Out of the 394 freshman and 45 new transfer students, 135 are student athletes. This number does not include those students who participate in cheer, dance, and any other club sports on campus. This class not only has talent, but they are also intelligent. The average high school GPA was a 3.53 for this incoming class.

This year SHC received students from 19 states and 11 countries such as: Chile, Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Canada, Wales, Austria, Germany, Italy, Iceland and Sweden. There are three international transfer students and three international graduate students. The transfer students represent the countries of France, Germany and Spain. The Graduate students represent the countries of Spain, Scotland and France.

Oscar Hellberg, an international student athlete, shared his findings of Spring Hill since he has arrived on campus. “I like the campus. My professors have been great so far, as well as the staff and my classmates. My transition has been pretty smooth. I feel like I got all the information that I needed.” Hellberg is a freshman from Vasteras, Sweden and is majoring in Business Management and Marketing.

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