SHC Men's Soccer Embraces International Flavor


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The Spring Hill College (SHC) Men’s Soccer team has traditionally had international players. The 2017 season is no exception. SHC Men’s Soccer Head Coach, Steve Wieczorek, has focused on recruiting foreigners this season by acquiring 17 international players out of the 28-man roster. Wieczorek has a unique background, which provides an extra advantage and enables him to recruit international players more easily than other coaches.

Even having over 60% of international players on his team, Wieczorek does not seem to have many issues communicating with the soccer players. “[SHC] has a very strict policy on the level of English fluency that each student-athlete possess.” As long as the players hit the marker that SHC sets forth, which all the SHC Men’s Soccer players have achieved, then all of the players that Wieczorek has on his roster have a baseline in English communication. If there is any issue in communicating it’s usually “with the colloquialisms, whenever I say something that is a common phrase that another American might easily understand is really the only time when you have minor communication challenges.”

Wieczorek mentioned that the hot Southern Alabama climate helps in recruiting the foreigners because it’s a similar setting to most of their native countries. SHC’s Men’s Soccer team consists of 17 international players coming from 12 different countries. All of the international soccer players’ native countries consist of Brazil, Germany, Wales, Iceland, France, Scotland, Sweden, Spain, New Zealand, Austria, Italy and Canada.

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