The Hill is Suddenly Home Sweet Home



My home away from home.

One thing I have noticed when I first came to college is that people believe that going home is taboo. I have been told that “college is supposed to be about getting out and experiencing life.” I like to think that it is possible to encounter new things while also missing home. 

I miss home. I am not embarrassed to admit that. There are so many people who are scared to admit they miss home because they see it as a form of backtracking. 

I miss seeing the trees around my house change colors throughout the seasons. I miss knowing the shortcuts around town. I miss pulling into my driveway and having my dog greet me at my front door. I miss walking to my grandparent’s house everyday. I miss getting to bother my mother in her office at work. I miss spending hours in the grocery store because it is necessary to talk to everyone that you know. 

All these things may be different for everyone. People have experienced different home lives. However, I find that one thing remains the same and that is family. This does not necessarily mean immediate family. It could include friends, teachers, or even team members. No matter where a person is, they always become close to others to form their own sense of family. A place becomes a home when special memories are made with loved ones. Because of the people I have met at college, I know that I can find a home no matter where life takes me.

I have made many memories at Spring Hill College. I plan to make many more throughout the next couple years to last a lifetime. I was never able to call Spring Hill my home freshman year because I was closed off to the idea of replacing my definition of home. However, when I go back to my hometown, I catch myself constantly calling Spring Hill “home.” This is because I have finally made the memories that have had an impact on my life. Despite how closed off I was, the students at Spring Hill showed me that I could have many places that I could consider to be home. I learned this through my friends on the dance team, Tri Delta, and just the Spring Hill community in general. I was able to loosen my hold on my hometown in order to allow my college home in.

When I go back to Louisiana, I miss turning into the gates of Spring Hill College and seeing the beauty of the school. I miss how the faculty and staff are always wanting to put a smile on your face. I miss living so close to the beach. I miss spending hours in the Caf because you know just about everyone who walks in. But, I never do miss the speed bumps. 

Missing home is never a bad thing. Sometimes life puts so much on a person’s plate. This causes them to become stressed to the point where they just want to go to their most comforting place. One thing I do know is that change will always occur, not only in the place a person resides but where they also call home. It is hard to miss all the special moments that are happening back home. Luckily, I am able to have two homes instead of one because of my choice to come to Spring Hill College. 

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